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The Tuscan Cuisine

Tuscany has always been synonymous with gastronomy. There are many manufacturers of high quality raw materials that are the basis of traditional Tuscan cuisine. The strong presence on the territory of small agricultural and livestock products has encouraged the diversification and growth of the same quality. The Tuscan people are precise, simple and ironic. courtesy is a special kind, a bit scratchy, the Tuscan wine is full bodied, the taste is healthy and does not accept compromises and half measures. A key element of Tuscan cuisine are the ingredients, absolutely genuine. If you try to pry into courtyards, behind the great kitchens of the restaurants in Tuscany, from Florence to Siena to Pisa, you will find small gardens of herbs such as sage, prezzemelo, basil, mint and rosemary and aromatic bundles of wood, smelling of resin that are used to the embers of which Tuscany is queen. Cooking on the grill is the mother of all Tuscan cooking. The steak is its most famous landmark, is cooked very little to keep the meat soft and hence the name of “cooking the blood.” On burning wood Vieng cooked mushrooms, chopped pork, liver, vegetables and croutons. It is cooked turn patiently, anointing with oil Tuscan food is so tasty and juicy.

The cuisine reflects the personality of the Tuscan people who tend more to substance than form. The kitchen is always in the country, even to the city! The pappa al pomodoro, ribollita soup with black cabbage and white beans. Even the finest restaurant in Florence will present the classic clay pot soups, served with Tuscan bread that was to tell Dante that others knew of salt! The bread is tasteless, humble and not intrusive, to let the other flavors will exalt and lose nothing of their great strength. What you hear in the air, turning the most ordinary folk in the streets of cities or in small towns is the tantalizing aroma of soup and the sizzle of the meat browned on a spit. All of Italy knows that the secret is in the cooking of Tuscan cuisine, made long and meticulous so much patience. The guest fact Tuscany is considered the most difficult Italian palate. It recognizes the minutes escaped more or intrigues of a legume or cooking the chicken and just smell the soup or the fried artichokes to know if it’s good or not. That’s why cooking in the spit or grilled and festivals in the country or market, there is always lots of people who watches her on her chicken or steak, cooked and ready to stop being served his piece when her nose and His eyes will be satisfied.

As for the rest, is easily as those hills: Tuscan ham is eaten with figs or melon, goat cheese, which honors every dinner, wild boars, salami, bacon, mushrooms and wine. Down from the hills of Chianti, unparalleled, the classic wines of Italy. And there is no regional dish that fits. The combine all the great wine …. and is the most successful marriage of Italy!

What to try:

Panzanella: bread soaked in water, crumbled with fresh vegetables and Tuscan olive oil.

The pappa al pomodoro, bread, garlic, parsley, basil, salt, olive oil and tomatoes, made famous by the celebrated novel by Gian Gale. A variant may be the sausage and the crust of Parmesan cheese.

Ribollita; traditional peasant soup that warmed leftover soup and boiled already cooked the day before.

The soup of bread, made with stale Tuscan bread, carrots, celery, potatoes, cabbage, chard, kale, cannellini beans and kidney beans, tomato paste, olive oil, onion, garlic, salt and pepper.

Ravioli with ricotta and spinach to be seasoned with meat sauce or butter and sage

The second most typical with long cooking process and articulated:

Wild boar stew, tripe, offal cibreo, rabbit cacciatore, or baked. hunchbacks or artichoke pie, fried vegetables
, etc. …

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