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Spring between Volterra and Baratti- Act 1: Volterra

An original Etruscan land travel, to spend the holidays away from the large circuits of mass tourism.

Volterra was built on one of the highest hills of the whole area of Val di Cecinain a strip of land that divides the area of Siena from the Tyrrhenian coast. The ancient road linking the ancient Etruscan city Velathri (Volterra today) with Populonia ancient village near the Gulf of Baratti, winds within the metalliferous hills, through small villages el ‘old district of  Larderello. Volterra between the cities of Tuscany is one of the richest in history and archeology. The walls of the fifth century BC Etruscan is still partially visible. By accessing the side facing the sea you can visit the Porta all’arco, a gate of access to the Etruscan city still totally intact. The nerve center of the Etruscan Museum Guarnacci, dating back to 1761 is one of Europe’s oldest public museums. The museum contains much of the Etruscan findings, the typical of Volterra Urns were placed where the remains of the deceased, the cover of Wedding and Evening Shadow charming statuette named after the similarity with the human shadow projected on the ground at sunset. In the city center was brought to light part of the Acropolis that magic coexists with findings from the Romanesque, Medieval and Renaissance. Most of the monuments date back to around 1200 and are still visible and representative of the operations center of Volterra. The cathedral in the Romanesque style was then changed inside during the Renaissance. The nearby Baptistery with its characteristic octagonal dome topped by the imposing, ancient Docciola source and the Medici Fortress with subsequent changes desired by Lorenzo de Medici, are the most significant examples of historical periods that the City has gone through. The Roman Theatre dating from the first century. It’s admirable, even at night in a spectacular play of light and shadows. My advice is to dwell in this jewel of a city at least for a weekend not to be forced to forgo the walk at night along the alleys of the old or the view of the Tower of Palazzo dei Priori which dominates the homonymous square.

The best way to visit the city and follow the Etruscan to the coast is to stay in the many farms in the surrounding area and make a base to retrace the ancient Etruscan road, without sacrificing the sense of pleasant rest of the campaign and to ‘excellent culinary tradition


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