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Live the farmhouse

Agriturismo San CarloIt’s called Agriturismo San Carlo Pomarance and my house!
Not really my house because I live a few yards away I would define most of my gate to the world.

Pomarance is a small village in the province of Pisa, you will have souls or not 3000 but every year about 50,000 people pass through here, those staying overnight guests remained for three weeks, some only to eat and then continue the journey.
Actually here is not going anywhere, you have virtually come on purpose and perhaps it is this aspect that makes this village so special.
My Farm has built my father about 25 years ago, exactly the first guest arrived in 1986 and was a kind of holiday so original that did not even know what to call it.
There was still the name “Farm”, there was talk of Green Tourism, Residence in the Country, were advertised as “apartments in the Tuscan hills” but still for some years to monitor the bureaucracy had not understood how to classify them.
For us it was our farm where over the years instead of the “ocean” was born a swimming pool and in the manger with vaulted ceilings there was hay and work tools but wrought iron beds and wood cabinets.
You can not imagine how many things can be discovered standing in a farm in the countryside of a small village of 3000 souls. For example, in the time I discovered that the Belgians and Dutch can not I see a question related to taxes on dirt, and that the Germans are a sort of “tourist scouts because they are always looking for new places and economic to visit and the British like, or liked or not until a few years ago, run with the nanny in tow.
I like to know the people who come to farm, to see them when they fall machine and guess if bring home a souvenir or has been a holiday like many others, maintaining contact with many of them, send Christmas greetings to phone occasionally as you do with old friends.
Some customers are now truly friends, someone comes to us twenty years have seen us grow and we saw their children grow, they always take the same apartment even if they were made some new, more beautiful and more in line with the fashion of the moment
That was before our time has become their home in the Tuscan village where they spend the Easter holidays or a couple of weeks in the summer, where you can come the weekend as soon as possible.
Now there are hundreds of Tuscan farmhouses some very beautiful than others, we open ourselves a new apartment Reucci The largest and most beautiful, but the strongest bond remains St. Charles because every corner has its own meaning.
The four roses in the garden, the old nest was never completed, the stones under the big oak tree, are part of our history that is handed down.
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